An opportunity for students to run their own code in space is now open with the European Astro Pi Challenge. There are two different challenges that students can take part in: Mission Zero – suitable for beginners and primary school students Send a personalised image to the astronauts on theRead More →

Google introduces new updates to Search and Lens to help students solve trickier problems. This update makes it easier to learn how to solve complex math problems. Students would simply type the equation or word problem into the Search bar, or take a photo of the problem using Google Lens,Read More →

Young people’s relationships with AI chatbots is perhaps more common than you might think and it is an area of AI that is becoming more and more popular. ‘Coded Companions’ is a new report from the youth platform VoiceBox, which presents in-depth research into how AI chatbots affect young people’sRead More →

The UK Safer Internet Centre’s Professionals Online Safety Helpline has introduced new guidance to aid educators and professionals working with young people. The guidance aims to answer frequently asked queries on topics including reporting content of concern on social media, impersonation on social media platforms, and responding to incidents ofRead More →

The Department for Education’s (DfE) updated statutory guidance for schools and colleges in England, ‘Keeping children safe in education’ came into force on 1st September 2023. This revised guidance was shared for information in June, but there have been further amendments to paragraphs 142, about the appropriateness of filtering and monitoringRead More →

An update from CEOP Education – Sky News – an opportunity for schools. Sky News are seeking primary or secondary teachers to deliver a CEOP Education lesson with children on camera, to highlight the work that schools are doing to protect children from online sexual abuse. Only a short portionRead More →