NSPCC Learning has published updated posters to encourage children to contact Childline if they need to talk. Different designs are available for children of primary and secondary school ages. The poster for Report Remove has also been updated to encourage children and young people to use this tool to getRead More →

A new AdWiseOnline campaign was launched on Safer Internet Day 2024 to help raise children’s and young people’s awareness of manipulative digital marketing practices. The materials will help to simplify the complex terminology of digital marketing and the legal framework of consumer rights. They provide young people with a clearRead More →

Introducing Figure’s new robot – it is something to behold! The robotics world is abuzz with excitement as Figure, a leading company in the field, unveils its latest creation. This new robot isn’t just another machine; it’s a game-changer set to redefine how we think about automation. So, what’s soRead More →

Have you ever wondered why we learn maths? This interesting article explores why we teach math the way we do: “Why these topics? Why in this order? Why in this way?” Houman Harouni, who teaches at Harvard University believes history may offer us the best answer to these questions. HarouniRead More →

The Experience AI Challenge invites young people aged up to 18 to design and make their own AI applications. They will learn how to make a machine learning (ML) classifier that organises data types into different groupings that you specify. All the resources and support you need is made freelyRead More →

Are you ready to step into a world where science fiction becomes reality? 1X Technologies is doing exactly that, transforming the way we see robots and artificial intelligence (AI). In their latest venture, they’ve created something truly groundbreaking – autonomous androids that can learn and perform tasks by mimicking humanRead More →

Coolest Projects 2024 is calling all young tech creators. Are you ready to showcase your brilliance? Dive into the world of young tech prodigies and unleash the future innovators! Coolest Projects will be back in 2024, a showcase for young creators of digital tech. Coolest Projects is a fantastic opportunityRead More →

Explore Google’s vibrant playground featuring 1700+ figures, easter eggs, and endless surprises. Unveil the world’s top 25 search trends! Today Google have launched the Most Searched Playground. A world where you can search for 25 of the most searched people, places and moments of the past 25 years. Zoom inRead More →

Calling all young Picassos! Transform your artwork into an Explorify activity, win a £50 book token, and be showcased on their site. Create and conquer! To celebrate the launch of the new Start With Art Activities, Explorify are holding a new competition which invites children to create their own StartRead More →

Unleash your inner Spielberg! Lights, camera, action! Dive into filmmaking glory with 10 exciting categories. Aardman judges, free resources and a chance to showcase your cinematic masterpiece! The Into Film Awards 2024 will take place on Tuesday 25th June 2024 at London’s famous ODEON Luxe Leicester Square for young peopleRead More →

An opportunity for students to run their own code in space is now open with the European Astro Pi Challenge. There are two different challenges that students can take part in: Mission Zero – suitable for beginners and primary school students Send a personalised image to the astronauts on theRead More →

Google introduces new updates to Search and Lens to help students solve trickier problems. This update makes it easier to learn how to solve complex math problems. Students would simply type the equation or word problem into the Search bar, or take a photo of the problem using Google Lens,Read More →

Young people’s relationships with AI chatbots is perhaps more common than you might think and it is an area of AI that is becoming more and more popular. ‘Coded Companions’ is a new report from the youth platform VoiceBox, which presents in-depth research into how AI chatbots affect young people’sRead More →