As educators, we are always on the lookout for resources that can enrich our students’ learning experiences and better prepare them for the digital age. One such valuable resource is the iDEA (Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award) platform, which offers a wealth of free, interactive courses designed to develop digital, enterprise,Read More →

The Raspberry Pi Foundation offers a comprehensive course designed to equip educators with the knowledge and skills to teach AI concepts effectively. The course, “Teach Teens Computing: Understanding AI for Teachers,” is available on edX and provides a robust introduction to AI, tailored specifically for educators. The course is freeRead More →

STEM Learning have produced a set of resources containing two unplugged workshop style activities to help you improve your students understanding of Artificial Intelligence. Workshop 1 – AI Facial recognition activity To encourage discussion around the potential of facial recognition and how humans recognition compares with that of AI. WorkshopRead More →

Childnet, in collaboration with its Youth Advisory Board, has launched “Reliability Online,” an interactive tool designed to help teens identify trustworthy online information. Aimed at ages 13-16, the resource addresses issues like AI-generated content, scams, and fake news through a gamified approach. It features video advice from teens and includesRead More →

The NSPCC’s Building Connections program offers an 11-week online course designed to support young people up to age 19 in overcoming loneliness. Trained befrienders provide weekly one-on-one guidance, helping participants develop skills to build and maintain connections. The service includes activities, goal setting, and reflective exercises tailored to individual needs,Read More →

Brisk Teaching is an AI powered Chrome extension that helps busy teachers save time directly within the tools they already use, like Google Docs, Slides, YouTube and web articles. It will quickly create quizzes, slide decks, lesson plans, newsletters and so much more. You can easily change the reading level,Read More →

Ideogram is a digital AI tool designed to generate and manipulate images based on textual descriptions. By using advanced AI algorithms, Ideogram can transform written ideas into vivid visual representations, making abstract concepts more concrete and understandable. There is a free version available that you can use, which may beRead More →’s Music Lab is an innovative tool that merges music creation with coding education. Designed for students of all ages, it provides an interactive and engaging platform where users can create music through coding. The Music Lab offers various tools such as the Song Maker, Rhythm, and Chords, allowing usersRead More →

The UK Safer Internet Centre has published the 2024 definitions for appropriate filtering and monitoring in schools, following a public consultation. These guidelines assist schools and providers in implementing effective internet safety measures. Key points include flexibility in managing filters, the distinction between discrimination and hate speech, the necessity ofRead More →

EduBlocks is a free tool developed by Anaconda that helps learners understand how to code using text-based languages like Python or HTML. Here’s how it works: Whether you’re introducing coding concepts or diving deeper into Python, EduBlocks simplifies the learning process and makes it engaging for students.Read More →

Experience AI was launched in September 2022 to help students and teachers learn about AI (artificial intelligence) technologies and how they are changing the world. New AI technologies are being released at an alarming rate and can be quite overwhelming to understand. With Experience AI you and your students canRead More →

Investigate real-life sustainable processes with Minecraft, designed so that players can explore and learn how sustainable processes work in real life. Minecraft Sustainability City, is a fantastic resource designed to help students explore sustainability concepts in a fun and interactive way. Minecraft Sustainability City is part of the Minecraft ScienceRead More →

NSPCC Learning has published updated posters to encourage children to contact Childline if they need to talk. Different designs are available for children of primary and secondary school ages. The poster for Report Remove has also been updated to encourage children and young people to use this tool to getRead More →

A new AdWiseOnline campaign was launched on Safer Internet Day 2024 to help raise children’s and young people’s awareness of manipulative digital marketing practices. The materials will help to simplify the complex terminology of digital marketing and the legal framework of consumer rights. They provide young people with a clearRead More →

Diffit for Teachers lets you generate printable or digital resources on many topics which can be altered for different levels and can generate ideas for class engagement. It is AI generated content, so will always need to be checked first, but it quickly generates resources in many formats ready forRead More →