An opportunity for your pupils to design and make their own AI applications.

The Experience AI Challenge invites young people aged up to 18 to design and make their own AI applications.

They will learn how to make a machine learning (ML) classifier that organises data types into different groupings that you specify. All the resources and support you need is made freely available and you will receive feedback on any projects you submit.

Key information

  • Free to take part
  • Suitable for beginners, based on the tools Scratch and Machine Learning for Kids
  • Tailored resources for young people and mentors to support you
  • Open for official submissions by UK based young people aged up to 18 and their mentors
  • Submission deadline – 24th May 2024

What is involved?

Students are guided in how to train and test machine learning models that classify data such as audio, text or images. Then they create their own model and use it to create a unique AI project, which they submit to receive feedback. The challenge has 3 stages of activities:

  • Discovering how machine learning works and what projects are possible
  • Hands on experiences with a guided example project
  • Designing and creating a unique AI project and submitting it for expert feedback

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