Google – more help with math and science problems in Search

Google introduces new updates to Search and Lens to help students solve trickier problems. This update makes it easier to learn how to solve complex math problems. Students would simply type the equation or word problem into the Search bar, or take a photo of the problem using Google Lens, to see a step-by-step solution. As teachers it is important to weigh up the pros and cons of this update to understand how it may impact your students and your teaching.


  • Instant access to solutions – great for both teachers and students who are struggling with a challenging math problem. It also allows you to check work and get a better understanding of the concepts involved.
  • Encourages independent learning – great to support students who may be apprehensive about tackling difficult math problems
  • Accessibility and inclusivity – useful for students with different learning styles and needs
  • Time-efficiency – can support teachers who have limited class time to cover a wide range of topics, students can be directed to Google’s math problem solver to see a solution in action


  • An increased overreliance on technology – students can become overly reliant on the technology for problem solving and miss out on essential learning
  • Limited dept of understanding – it may not help students grasp the underlying concepts throughly
  • Plagiarism – there is always the risk that students will misuse the tool to simply copy the solutions without understanding them
  • Misleading results – like any automated tool, this tool is not infallible and may provide incorrect or incomplete solutions

This new update from Google has the potential to be a valuable resource for students who will benefit from being guided on the best way to use it by their teachers, bearing in mind the pitfalls as mentioned above.

Find out more, see examples and give it a go for yourself to evaluate its value to you or your students.

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