Google for Education has produced a wealth of different training and certification options depending on your role and experience. The progression through the programme is as follows (although items 3, 4 and 5 are not hierarchical):

  1. Google Educator Level 1 – Basic skills
  2. Google Educator Level 2 – Pedagogical skills
  3. Google Trainer – For those training others in a workplace or as an external consultant
  4. Google Innovator – Works through the solving of an authentic workplace challenge
  5. Google Coach – Prepares you to support others on a 1:1 basis over a sustained period of time
  • Google Educator Level 1

    Google Educator Level 1

    This is the fundamentals level certification and focuses very much on proficiency in Google for Education products. In addition to product knowledge, you will be expected to also have an understanding of the Google for Education ethos and vision as these aspects do come into the exam. It is highlyRead More →

  • Google Educator Level 2

    Google Educator Level 2

    This certification builds on the skills learned in the Level 1 certification and moves into advanced technology integration. Just like Level 1, this certification also has a corresponding Advanced Training course which is highly recommended to increase the chances of passing the exam. Advanced Training is also self-paced and requiresRead More →

  • Google Certified Trainer

    Google Certified Trainer

    This certification builds on the skills learned in Level 1 and the pedagogical knowledge gained through Level 2 (both of which are recommended but not required for the Certified Trainer qualification), combining them with the development of training and leadership skills. Topics covered during the self-paced units are: These unitsRead More →