An opportunity for students to run their own code in space!

An opportunity for students to run their own code in space is now open with the European Astro Pi Challenge. There are two different challenges that students can take part in:

Mission Zero – suitable for beginners and primary school students

Send a personalised image to the astronauts on the International Space Station. Students write a short program to create a personalised image to remind the astronauts of home. No special equipment is required as students will use the Astro Pi emulator in a web browser. The project will take about 1 hour to complete and if it meets the eligibility criteria, the program will be run on the ISS and teams will receive a special certificate that shows where the ISS was when the program was run. Entries for Mission Zero 2023/24 are open from 18 September 2023 to 25 March 2024.

Mission Space Lab – suitable for older students

Mission Space Lab offers teams of young people the chance to run scientific experiments on board the ISS. This challenge will focus more on developing programming and problem-solving skills. Working in teams, young people are invited to come up with ways to calculate how fast the ISS is travelling as it orbits Earth using the different sensors and camera on the Astro Pis. The challenge will take about 1 month to complete and registration is open from 6 November 2023 to 19 February 2024.

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