Register for your free BBC Micro:bit – the next gen

Register for your free BBC micro:bit-the next gen to get up to 30 devices per school. BBC micro:bit – the next gen is a campaign that aims to increase teacher knowledge and confidence with free devices, resources and training for your primary school.

Teaching primary school children about coding can sound daunting. That’s why our partners from across the nations will be providing regional training opportunities for teachers around the UK, all about teaching with the micro:bit.

Teachers can access free online and in-person training to help boost their confidence when using the micro:bit in the classroom with pupils and to help them get prepared for the upcoming school year.

BBC Teach

There will be a range of free resources that will help schools to start teaching as soon as they receive their micro:bits, including 6 getting started projects that have been created by the Micro:bit Educational Foundation.

Registration is open until 18th December 2023 and registered teachers should expect to receive their packs by March 2023 at the latest. While schools are waiting to receive their devices, there is the opportunity to enhance coding confidence with Microsoft MakeCode which is software that lets you experiment using a virtual micro:bit.

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