A new experiment from Google AI will try to do just that! Musical Canvas will generate a soundtrack to match your drawing. Draw a picture on the canvas and the tool will use AI to provide you with a running commentary on your drawing and generate a soundtrack to match. In addition you can add visual effects using the filters provided to change the look and music response, generate an 8-bit sound influence or old film style for a vinyl effect. It is certainly worth a play!

Here is what Musical Canvas thought of my very simple drawings, and the music it generated was pretty impressive too!

  • The music is a fast-paced electronic track with a happy, upbeat feel.
  • It is perfect for listening to while drawing or doing other creative activities.
  • The drawing is simple and has a childlike quality to it.
  • The use of bright colours is cheerful and gives the drawing a positive feel.
  • Have a listen for yourself!
  • The piece is a slow, sad classical piece. The piano plays a simple melody, conveying the emotion of sadness.
  • It creates a sense of longing and loss.
  • The drawing is simple but effective in conveying the emotion of sadness.
  • The use of dark colours and the downturned mouth create a sense of melancholy.
  • The curly hair adds a touch of whimsy, which helps to balance out the sadness.
  • Have a listen for yourself!

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