Suno is a music creation platform that allows users to create songs about anything! With a variety of genres to choose from, Suno can be a great tool to use with students across a range of subjects. For example, a song about historical events which would allow students to learn about history in a fun and creative way, or a song about scientific processes or different scientific concepts.

Creating a song with Suno is a collaborative process that will require students to work together to come up with ideas to create a finished piece. It has an easy to use interface and a wide variety of features to explore.

Reading Wonder by R.J. Palacio with my students, we decided to create a song about the main character Auggie, that would reflect how he might feel and how with the support of his friends he would become more resilient. We worked together to decide on how we should describe what we wanted the song to be about and how we wanted it to sound, after much discussion we came up with this brief for Suno:

Write me an upbeat country and western style song about a boy called Auggie who overcomes difficulties and bullying and slowly makes friends with a girl called Summer who helps him to become stronger.

The completed song can then be downloaded as an MP3 or video file to be played to your class so that you can discuss how it turned out. Here is our completed song:

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