A free tool to help students to code using text-based languages

EduBlocks is a free tool developed by Anaconda that helps learners understand how to code using text-based languages like Python or HTML. Here’s how it works:

  1. Drag-and-Drop Blocks System: EduBlocks uses a familiar drag-and-drop interface where you assemble blocks representing different code commands. Each block corresponds to a line of code. As you arrange the blocks, the text editor updates in real-time, showing the actual code.
  2. Python and Beyond: While Python is the primary language, EduBlocks also supports other platforms like micro:bitCircuitPython, and Raspberry Pi. This variety keeps students engaged and allows them to explore different programming contexts.
  3. Classrooms and Assignments: Teachers can create classrooms within EduBlocks. They can assign both block-based and text-based coding tasks to students, track their progress, and even grade their work—all directly within the EduBlocks editor.
  4. Free Python Curriculum: EduBlocks provides a comprehensive Python curriculum with six lessons covering essential topics such as algorithms, sequencing, iteration, and data types. The curriculum includes lesson plans, slideshows and an end-of-unit assessment.
Image Credit: EduBlocks

Whether you’re introducing coding concepts or diving deeper into Python, EduBlocks simplifies the learning process and makes it engaging for students.

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