Education technology (EdTech) has been transforming the education landscape for the past few years, and the ongoing pandemic has further accelerated its adoption. In response to this, the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA) and the National Association for Education Technology (Naace) recently released an EdTech Leadership Briefing Paper to helpRead More →

Microsoft describe this as ‘the first step on a journey of digital transformation’ and it is designed for educators who are new to Microsoft tools in teaching and learning. Its focus is on best practice and some basics for facilitating a blended or hybrid learning environment.  Most people achieve theRead More →

This certification builds on the skills learned in Level 1 and the pedagogical knowledge gained through Level 2 (both of which are recommended but not required for the Certified Trainer qualification), combining them with the development of training and leadership skills. Topics covered during the self-paced units are: These unitsRead More →