Looking to make informed, data-driven decisions about ICT investment in your school?

Education technology (EdTech) has been transforming the education landscape for the past few years, and the ongoing pandemic has further accelerated its adoption. In response to this, the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA) and the National Association for Education Technology (Naace) recently released an EdTech Leadership Briefing Paper to help school leaders make informed decisions about their school’s EdTech Infrastructure.

Image Credit: BESA

The briefing paper emphasizes the importance of developing a clear EdTech strategy that aligns with the school’s vision and objectives. The strategy should prioritise the needs of students and teachers, as well as consider the technical and financial resources available to the school.

The briefing paper also emphasizes the need to provide teachers with adequate training and support in using EdTech tools. This includes not only technical training but also guidance on effective teaching practices that incorporate EdTech tools. This is crucial to ensure that teachers can effectively integrate technology into their lessons and deliver high-quality lessons.

The briefing paper also stresses the importance of considering data privacy and security when selecting and using EdTech tools. School leaders should ensure that the tools they use comply with relevant data protection regulations and have sufficient safeguards to protect student data.

Another key area highlighted in the briefing paper is the need for schools to evaluate the impact of EdTech on teaching and learning. This includes monitoring student progress and engagement, as well as assessing the effectiveness of different EdTech tools in meeting the school’s objectives. Such evaluation can help schools refine their EdTech strategy and identify areas for improvement.

Finally, the briefing paper emphasizes the importance of collaboration and partnerships in implementing and maximizing the benefits of EdTech. This includes working with suppliers, other schools, and education organisations to share knowledge and best practices.

In conclusion, the EdTech Leadership Briefing Paper from BESA and Naace provides a useful guide for school leaders looking to implement and maximize the benefits of EdTech.   Within the paper you will also find a Quick Audit Tool that is a useful starting point for school leaders who wish to plan and implement effective EdTech solutions in their school.

Download a free copy of the EdTech Leadership Briefing Paper – https://www.besa.org.uk/news/edtech-leadership-briefing-paper/

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