As educators, we’re constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance learning experiences and empower students with future-ready skills. One powerful tool at our disposal is the use of digital images. From creation to manipulation, there’s a multitude of opportunities for pupils to unleash their creativity and develop a deeper understanding ofRead More →

AI image generation in Padlet really let’s your imagination soar! If you haven’t yet used Padlet in your teaching, it really is an amazing tool that can be used in so many ways. Basically, Padlet is a digital notice board that can be shared with students who can then collaborateRead More →

Calling all young Picassos! Transform your artwork into an Explorify activity, win a £50 book token, and be showcased on their site. Create and conquer! To celebrate the launch of the new Start With Art Activities, Explorify are holding a new competition which invites children to create their own StartRead More →

Canva is a design tool that is ideal to use in education to create stunning projects, and for education establishments it is totally free. With Canva, students can access ready-to-use templates, share and review their work with others, access premium content and graphics and work together in groups and teams.Read More →