AI image generation brings a whole new aspect to Padlet

AI image generation in Padlet really let’s your imagination soar! If you haven’t yet used Padlet in your teaching, it really is an amazing tool that can be used in so many ways. Basically, Padlet is a digital notice board that can be shared with students who can then collaborate and add to the Padlet. It can be populated with words, images, documents, videos and links and now you can add AI generated images too!

I Can’t Draw – AI Image Generation

I can’t draw uses the power of AI to create beautiful images on the description you provide. Below you can see just how good this is! My class used Padlet to create new animals, a mix of two well known animals, for the project we were working on.

Padlet is free for the most basic plan, which limits you to three Padlets, which you can always delete and replace with a new one.

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