Bringing Kandinsky’s art into the music classroom

Wassily Kandinsky was a Russian artists who experienced sounds as colours and colours as sounds! Chrome Music Lab as a beautiful experiment where students can simply draw a shape on the screen to hear corresponding sounds. The triangles will be rendered as percussion sounds and the lines, dots and circles as different pitches. Students can then change the colours and listen to the change in instrumentation.

This is a very simple app to use and students of all ages will love exploring and listening to the sounds that their compositions create.

For a more in-depth exploration of what Kandinsky might have heard when painting, have a look at ‘Play a Kandinsky’ from Google Experiments. With this experiment you can explore Kandinsky’s theories on colour and sound and the relationship between shapes, hear the composed version of one of his paintings, discover emotions associated with colour and shape and ‘listen’ to his painting Yellow-Red-Blue.

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