Google Educator Level 2

This certification builds on the skills learned in the Level 1 certification and moves into advanced technology integration. Just like Level 1, this certification also has a corresponding Advanced Training course which is highly recommended to increase the chances of passing the exam.

Advanced Training is also self-paced and requires just over 15 hours to complete. It covers the following modules:

  • Promote and Model the Effective Use of Digital Tools
  • Leverage Learning Models to Personalise Learning
  • Use Advanced Features to Optimise Workflow
  • Connect with Guardians
  • Analyse and Interpret Student Data
  • Organise Your Class and School Materials More Effectively
  • Design Interactive Curricula
  • Teach Beyond the Four Walls of Your Classroom
  • Harness the Power of Google for Research
  • Give Students a Voice
  • Student Agency

The Google Advanced training can be accessed here:

The Google Educator Level 2 Exam is valid for 3 years, costs $25, and requires up to 3 hours in one sitting to take. You can register here to take the exam online at a time of your choosing:

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