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What is artificial intelligence (AI) all about and why does it matter? There are so many answers to this question and so many ways in which AI is changing the ways we live, work and learn. have produced a series of videos, curriculum support and CPD to support teachers and educators who wish to explore the ground-breaking world of artificial intelligence and it potential in education.

AI 101 for Teachers

This is a free, foundational online learning series that supports teachers as they adapt to AI’s impacts on the classroom.

AI Curriculum

Explore the different AI curriculum offerings which meet a diverse range of needs:

  • How AI Works
  • AI and Machine Lerning
  • AI and Ethics
  • AI for Oceans

How AI Works

A series of short videos which introduce how AI works and why it matters:

  • Chatbots and Large Language Models
  • Creativity and Imagination
  • Intro to AI
  • Machine Learning
  • Training and Data Bias
  • Neural Networks
  • Computer Vision
  • Ethics and AI – Equal Access and Algorithmic Bias
  • Ethics and AI – Privacy and the Future of Work

All of this material, freely accessible, can be found at – enjoy!

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