Scratch 3.0 blocks that are editable and printable

How handy are these Scratch 3.0 blocks that are both editable and printable? Many teachers use Scratch 3.0 to program interactive stories, games and animations and it is a brilliant tool to help young people learn to think creatively, reason systematically and work collaboratively, all of which are essential skills across all areas of life. Of course, using Scratch involves sitting at a computer screen and manipulating blocks, but it is also important to give students opportunities to explore unplugged computing and to interact with physical programming blocks. This helps them to understand both the function of the blocks and the underlying concepts and how they can be moved and manipulated to perform different tasks.

Working with these printable blocks can really help students to get a more hands approach to their learning. Used in groups, students can use the printable blocks to program the teacher or each other.

iCompute has produced a set of printable and editable Scratch 3.0 blocks which teachers can print out and give to students to manipulate and play with before they actually get to Scratch 3.0 on the computer.

Scratch 3.0 blocks editable and printable
Image Credit iCompute

You can find out more and download a set of the blocks shown above from iCompute –

Print the blocks and hand out to students to explore a suggested program or laminate them to reuse time and time again. I am sure you will find many ways to use this great resource!

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