Insect Week 2023

Insect Week 2023 is about all ‘the little things that run the world’. It is an annual celebration and is dedicated to encouraging people of all ages to learn more about insects and runs from 19th June to 25th June 2023.

Insect Week 2023
Download this poster from Royal Entomological Society

Insects are by far the most diverse and ecologically important group of animals in land habitats, and there are over 24,000 insect species in the UK. There are 100s of these in almost every garden and green space, all running around doing their work! From angel insects to webspinners, there are so many wonderful insects for us to learn about.

To support work in the classroom during Insect Week 2023, have a look at the Royal Entomological Society learning resources and a brilliant collection of resources on the STEM Community website.

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