Everything you need to deliver the Computing Curriculum

Free resources for the Computing Curriculum are available from the Raspberry Pi Foundation. It offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to support primary and secondary school teachers. These exceptional resources will help you to deliver all aspects of the curriculum. Each unit consists of lesson plans, slides, activity sheets, homework and assessments and covers a range of topics such as coding, robotics, electronics and physical computing.

The resources are structured as units for each year group, and built on a clear progression framework covering all school phases for students aged 5 to 16 (key stages 1 to 4 in the UK). They are updated regularly based on latest research and feedback from teachers. Free to download they can be adapted to suit your student’s needs.

  • Key Stage 1 – 12 units and 72 lessons
  • Key Stage 2 – 24 units and 144 lessons
  • Key Stage 3 – 19 units and 114 lessons
  • Key Stage 4 – 22 units and 178 lessons

Example Unit Summary for Key Stage 1

summary of lessons for key stage 1 of the computing curriclum
Image Credit: Raspberry Pi Foundation

Example Unit Summary for Key Stage 3

Image Credit: Raspberry Pi Foundation

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