Dive into the future of coding: Your Virtual Dance Party Awaits!

Code a vibrant dance party while exploring AI concepts with top artists like Miley Cyrus, BTS, and more. Unleash your creativity during Computer Science Education Week!

Students will be able to code their virtual dancer’s choreography and use emojis as AI prompts to generate animated backgrounds. This is a brilliant and fun introduction to generative AI and large language models.

Hour of Code Dance Party: AI Edition will be an hour long introduction to coding and AI and will begin during Computer Science Education Week, 4th-10th December.

Other Dance Party activities you can try right now include:

  • Dance Party – an introductory activity using code to make colourful characters move to animated backgrounds and music.
  • Keep On Dancing – extended project ideas with more complex dance parties.
  • Dance Party Unplugged – no computer needed with this coding activity!

Hour of Code Creativity with AI

This year, Hour of Code are offering even more coding opportunities that encompass both AI and non-AI components suitable for all age groups. There is so much on offer that you are sure to find something that will interest you and your students.

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