Can you use AI in the primary classroom?

I recently saw a really interesting post about how AI has been used in the primary classroom. Posted on the Book Creator blog, Holly Clark talks about how ChatGPT was used to ignite children’s imagination and ignite their storytelling journey. It is important to note that no students actually used the AI tool, the teachers used it to help create a first draft for the pupils. The pupils collaborated to create an initial idea for a story.

3 images of a primary classroom, showing students working
Image Credit: Book Creator

This is certainly an innovative way to use AI in the primary classroom and allows pupils to experience what this new world is all about, as I am sure they have already come across the concept of AI but probably don’t really understand what it actually is. This example is used with Book Creator, but of course could be used in many other scenarios or lessons. I am certainly going to try this in my classroom and evaluate it for myself.

In the meantime, I have ‘tested’ the concept for myself and entered the story elements I wanted into ChatGPT, and I have to say I was impressed with the resulting story! Download the story and the initial chat and see what you think!

Collaborating with AI: an approach to storytelling in the classroom (55 downloads )

If you are similarly intrigued have a read of the post and you can also sign up for a webinar led by Holly, where they explore how AI can be used in any classroom to promote critical thinking, story writing and equity.

Read the full blog post

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