Is AI good or bad? Will it help or will it destroy?

The world of AI is growing bigger everyday. I have meddled in it, played around with it, but honestly, I have not yet fully explored all that it has to offer or investigated in any great depth what it could mean for education, good or bad. There is so much to read around AI that it can become overwhelming and difficult to take in, so any information I find that is easy to digest and helps to inform my thinking is welcome.

How Will Schools Respond to the AI Revolution?

I came across this video from John Spencer during my research, which really helped me to clarify my thinking and gain a greater understanding of the role of AI in education. I love the way it has been put together and the issues it addresses:

  • Students already use AI in classrooms
  • Students need to use AI wisely and ethically
  • Students will need to navigate a changing world

John raises some really intersting points that certainly made me think more critically about AI and its role in the classrrom. You can ready the full article on his website – John Spencer

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