Free online safety education programme with everything that you need!

A free online safety education programme with everything you need including resources, assemblies and games – Be Internet Legends by Google.

With these resources you will be able to teach children the skills and behaviours needed to navigate their online lives. It includes five themed activity packs and 12 ready-made lesson plans and includes a Digital Wellbeing Module:

  • Sharp Pillar Pack – covering the sharing of information, data and content
  • Alert Pillar Pack – covering the understanding of online content, scams and disinformation
  • Secure Pillar Pack – protecting personal information and data online
  • Kind Pillar Pack – exploring online relationships, behaviours and cyberbullying
  • Brave Pillar Pack – responding to online problems and getting help

To help you get started there is a comprehensive teachers guide and resources suitable to use with pupils with SEND.

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