Exciting STEM Learning Resources

There are some exciting STEM Learning Resources on offer for you to have a look through.

Green Careers Week for Secondary Schools is an opportunity to familiarise young people with careers that will change the world for the better. Green Careers Week runs from 6th – 11th November 2023. Learn more about green careers

Protecting Our Planet Day is on 30th November 2023. It is an inspiring live-streamed event for schools which brings a world full of climate change pioneers and leading researchers, inspiration and activities into the classroom. Learn more about Protecting Our Planet Day

Bring space into your primary classroom with free resources from The European Space Education Resource Office (ESERO). You will find a whole range of fantastic resources which include planning your own Space Week, exploring a mission to the moon, meeting Paxi the alien explorer and a collection of resources from Tim Peake. Learn more about the ESERO resources.

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